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The Webstar

The Webstar

We have been dealing with software development for nearly two decades. During this time we have learned a lot, expanded and continuously improvedand renewed ourselves; however, what has remained unchanged is our faith in quality and the passion we have about our work. At present we mainly provide individual software development services for state and public institutions, but we have not given up our big dream: to enter the global market.

The Team

If you set sail, everything depends on the sailors in the boat. Some will put their backs into rowing, others will steer and yet others will be able to use the sextant. We have to trust each other and head in the same direction. And just as on the stormy sea every stroke of the oar counts, it is also important to have the best people by our side.

  • Attila Bertók


  • Tibor Bodai

    Project manager

  • Viktória Mayer

    Project manager

  • Gábor Aubert

    Project manager

  • Tamás Kimmel

    Senior developer

  • Vilmos Lőrincz

    Senior developer

  • Tamás Marics

    Senior developer

  • Botond Adorján

    Software developer

  • Tamás Futó

    Software developer

  • Judit Adorjánné Balogh

    Software developer

  • Gergely Csikós

    Head of Marketing

  • Tamás Trinn

    Software developer

  • Viktor Takács

    Software developer

  • László Merckle

    Software developer

  • András Berczelly


  • Ádám Arnold


  • Sólyom Tamás

    Software developer

  • Balázs Lajos

    Software developer

  • Győri Erik

    Software developer

  • Schróth Dániel

    Software developer

  • Meszes- Tóth Eszter

    Administration assistent

  • Komlósi László

    Software developer

  • Vicellár Gergely

    Software developer

  • Hohmann Gergely

    Software developer

  • Lovas György

    Software developer

  • Galba Csilla


  • Heizer Rita

    Software developer

  • Herold Benedek

    Software developer

  • Turnár Csilla

    Project manager

  • Jóna László

    Software developer

  • Galla Csaba

    Software developer

  • Böhönyei Barbara


  • Holzhofer Mónika


  • Vince Gergő


  • Lóki Attila


  • Teibert Norman


  • Kelenfi Zsigmond


  • Udvardi Dávid

    Software developer

  • Róth Tibor

    Software developer

  • Reisz Tamás

    Software developer

  • Ozsváth István

    Software developer

  • Ivanics Péter

    Software developer

  • Hóf Tamás

    Software developer

  • Farkas Péter

    Software developer

  • Gergác Enikő

    Software developer

  • dr. Virág Márk

    Software developer

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  • 23 years
  • 53 team members
  • 32 average age
  • 7 Thomases

We believe that the success of our partners is our success too.

Our services

We strongly feel about providing full service. We constantly aspire to provide the best possible products. All our efforts serve this aim, from planning stage to handing over the product – we are aware that only the satisfied client is a good client.

Individual systems

Ready-to-wear suit or tailor-made outfit? We are the best at tailoring the best suit for everyone.

Constructing portals

We have a decade of experience in developing portals with a large number of visitors.

Research and development projects

With several successful R+D projects behind us, we are aware that innovation must be integrated in everyday life.

Mobile apps

Nowadays the area of mobile phones cannot be avoided. We have not been avoiding it either – we have conquered it.


If a product is abandoned, it will sooner or later become outdated. Continuous assistance is necessary to keep it up-to-date.

Developer outsourcing

Our colleagues are prepared. Their knowledge can benefit other teams. Ready! Steady! Go!


It would be impossible to list each and every task of nearly 20 years, so we only present a few of our more recent, large projects.

MULTI ALARM customer service portal

Custom software development / Java

Apollo Cinema



Custom software development / Java

Mobil Customer Service

Custom software development / Mobil


Custom software development / Java

“Kaledioszkop” Web portal and Knowledge Market

Custom software development / Java / Portal

Custom software development / PHP / Portal

Norway Grants and EEA Grants portal

Java / Portal

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It all begins with a vision. Then it requires a lot of work, perseverance and intuition to create something new. And this new thing will become nice only if it answers someone’s question even before they ask, and makes their life a bit better.



In our opinion, social responsibility begins with the people working for our company. We can affect our wider environment through them and we live by the “act local” principle. We have made efforts to represent our family friendly approach since the establishment of our company. Winning the title of “Family-friendly Workplace” in 2011 was a positive feedback.

We at Webstar aspire to work in a way that is useful for the local community as well. To achieve this, we are continuously looking for cooperating partners and opportunities – we try to help in areas we are competent in. An example is the technical support of the internet appearance of the 100-year old Apolló cinema, which we have undertaken recently.

Apollo Cinema
Family-friendly Workplace
CSR Hungary Award


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