Tales from the Playroom I-II.

CSR / Custom software development / E-book / Mobil


Own developement




EPUB, HTML5, Javascript, iBooks


We published the first interactive storybook of our own development in 2012, with the title “Történetek a gyerekszobából/Tales from the Playroom”. The book consists of seven stories, all of which were created by an author from Pécs, Edit L. Molnár. The first and second volumes can be bought in Hungarian and English language on several platforms, both in interactive and static version. The characters of the story are toys, the inhabitants of a playroom who come to life and have exciting adventures in their busy everyday life.


Our task was to develop the concept of the interactive elements, the page-setting of the text and the images, and the development, testing and marketing of the ebook. We have published the books in the following stores: Amazon, Google Books, Apple iBooks Store