Content is king – just three words, but what an adventure

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7500 kilometers, 113 lessons, over 80 presenters, 30 “Oszkár” carpooling journeys, 25 nearly sleepless nights and another night or two spent with parties, all for three words. Was it worth it?


I took part in the Smartmobil and Net-Works trainings of the Kürt Academy. We heard the above mentioned statement every single day during the Net-Works training. I did not take notice of it the first few times, but later on it could not be ignored. In retrospective, I realized that each presentation, each idea of the training boiled down to this expression, this meme. Creating good content is difficult; it requires creativity, time and care.

Why is good content important?

I myself have experienced that it is impossible to keep up with today’s world of information, as 347 blog entries, 100 000 tweets are created every single minute. In my professional field a large amount of information, ideas, experiences and news are shared on the Internet every day as well.
We need to be able to search for and find the information that is useful for us from a professional point of view, too. As for business, we need to be able to stand out so that others get to know us, our products and services.

How can we stand out?

Naturally, it is possible through good content. I have already met several excellent examples while I was training myself or browsing the Net. For instance there are entries that are interesting, but are not connected to the products of a given company or person (Perceived Anti-Patterns). And there are some that are useful, mention the product, but also have real designing or marketing content. The links included here are not at random, we have a connection with both companies, products (Buffer, Playhaven), as we have become their clients.
In order to create good content, it is important not to hide knowledge. I find openness (in every aspect) attractive, when one observes their own work as objectively as possible. It is good if they share both their success and failures thus helping others and their work, and this way presenting themselves and their product (give and not only take).

Was the training worth it?

Was it worth all the energy I put in it? For three words, it would not have been worth, but it was definitely worth for shaping my way of thinking, for deepening my understanding of these three words. I listened to several presenters, encountered several approached, many of my team mates also inspired me and I got acquainted with interesting people. This blog is one of the results of the training, and I/we have to learn a lot more about sharing knowledge, writing a blog, but we have taken the first steps.


With this entry, there is one more search result for “content is king”, and hopefully a better one 🙂

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