OLAP system in JAVA

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What is OLAP? The abbreviation OLAP stands for On-Line Analitical Processing. As Java programmers, we do not encounter OLAP systems very frequently. When one is developing a Java EE application, it is more probable that they are building an OLTP system. (On-Line Transaction Processing) There is no reason to be […]

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Testing the JAX-RS RESTful Web Service

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If we wish to create RESTful Web Service in Java, then the  JAX-RS  is the officially accepted Java API for this. This is also referred to as the lightweight little brother of JAX-WS  (Java API for XML Web Services). At the moment the JAX-RS 2.0 version is the latest (JSR 339 standard), it […]

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What is Liquiface?

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A few years ago we had a FedEx day project in mind when we had an idea: “We’ve been using Liquibase at our company for a while but until now changelog files were edited manually. It would be good to support the maintenance of changelog files by a graphical interface. […]

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